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We feel that, in order to really evaluate software, you must be able to install and run it with your own data, in your own environment for a reasonable period of time. We are confident that you will find ShopFileR to be a valuable time saving tool in or around your workshop.

You may download an almost* full version of ShopFileR and try it with your own data, under your own conditions. The evaluation time period is completely up to you. It won’t expire or stop working after a brief predetermined period of time

When you purchase and register ShopFileR, all ShopFileR functions will be available and you will receive free updates as they become available for at least 2 years from your initial install date.

Click here to download ShopFileR

If you experience difficulties downloading, installing, or using ShopFileR, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or if you have any comments please send us an e-mail!

* See the list of functions only available to registered users on the FAQ page.

When you purchase the program and enter the registration key, these functions will become available (You will not have to download or reinstall).  All ShopFileR features and functions are available.

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