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How ShopFileR Works

In addition to its own database, ShopFileR uses sub-folders where you place your manuals, pictures, plans, spreadsheets, documents, and anything else electronic that you want to organize.  In ShopFileR, you then associate those files with projects, tools, notes, etc.  ShopFileR keeps those associations in its database, along with additional information that you may want to add. You are free to add additional folders in the ShopFileR hierarchy as needed.  Its really a lot easier than it sounds.

What ShopFileR Does

  • Displays a 'Front Page' that contains favorite links and contacts, a to do list, a shopping list, and a calendar. There is also a digital clock. If you get tired of the Front Page, you can close it and display a favorite picture instead. Reopening the Front Page is a quick button push away.
  • Internet Links - A handy place to keep all of your Internet web links and favorites. You can define as many categories as you need, and have an almost unlimited number of links. There is also a place for comments on each link. A query search is available to help find that link that you saved years ago. You can import links from your browser and capture links on the fly as you browse.  You also decide which links will appear on the 'Front Page' to keep it as uncluttered as you want.
  • Projects - Keep track of all information on your projects, including customer, materials notes, construction notes, and finishing notes. You can also keep track of your project time and cost if you want. You can store links to anything electronic about your projects, including drawings, photos, spreadsheets, sources of supplies, etc. with the project information for quick retrieval and future reference, with a query search.
  • Tool Inventory - A place for serial number, purchase information, links to pdf manuals and photos, either on the web or on your hard drive. You can store virtually everything electronic about your tools for handy reference and for insurance purposes. A report can be printed for safekeeping. You can click on column headings in the list to sort by category, description, manufacturer, etc.
  • To do List - pretty much self explanatory, but keeps your to-do list on the front page for a quick reminder. Also the due date changes color as it approaches.
  • Shopping List - Lets you accumulate a list of items that you need when you go shopping without forgetting that vital something. Push the quick print button, fold the page in half and you are ready to shop.
  • Consumables - Keep track of consumable items such as router bits, blades, sandpaper, screws, glue, beer, etc. Allows you to keep track of what you have on hand, when blades were last sharpened, etc.
  • E-Media - Helps organizes any e-books and e-movies that you may collect from various sources on the web.
  • Notes - Make notes on anything you want with links and a query search.
  • Magazine Index - Unfortunately, you have to enter the information here (as in all of the categories), but it is a handy place to keep track of those articles that you want to save and be able to find at a later date.
  • Contacts - A place to store names, addresses, and other information. Important contacts can appear on your 'Front Page' for quick reference.
  • Calculator - A handy fractional or decimal calculator. Plans are to enhance the calculator to include construction and various workshop functions
  • Conversions - Metric to decimal and decimal to metric conversions, compute board feet and cost, linear feet, and a decimal equivalents table. More to come later.
  • Journal - Sometimes you just want to keep a record of your workshop time and significant events.
  • Materials Inventory - What materials you have on hand, when and where you bought it, how much you paid, and if you are inventorying wood...sticker information.
  • Three user defined buttons - You can define these buttons to launch your favorite programs, such as Sketchup, Cutlist, etc.


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