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Organize the e-data in your Workshop

You provide the information - ShopFileR will help organize it

ShopFileR helps you organize all of your workshop links and favorites, pdf manuals, project and tool information and pictures. It is designed to help bring order to the electronic data in your shop and reduce your file clutter and let you file and find things quickly and easily. It lives on your PC desktop and your information is stored on your PC, not on somebody's Internet server.

It may also just convince you to put that old PC in the workshop.

Small footprint - The basic ShopFileR system requires around 3mb of disk space. If you want, the whole system will fit on (and run from) a USB flash disk, depending on how many manuals, photos, etc. you accumulate and the size of your flash disk.

Easy to install - Although the program is distributed with an install program, you can just copy the directory containing the program and data to a flash drive or another PC. ShopFileR has built-in copy and backup functions just for this.

Easy to use - The ShopFileR User Interface is very straightforward and easy to use.  Whenever possible, ShopFileR will automatically fill in fields, such as link descriptions, etc. to minimize your typing. You can define your own categories and decide which links, contacts, etc. appear on the Front Page.

Self Contained - no large runtime needed for ShopFileR.  You will need the appropriate viewers installed to view your documents (ie: Acrobat Reader for PDF files, etc.)

Networkable - You can install ShopFileR on your home office PC and access it from your home shop PC over a wired or wireless network.

Minimum PC requirements - ShopFileR will run just fine on that old Windows PC. Although Windows 2000 and above is highly recommended, it will run on Windows95/98/ME. The minimum monitor resolution is 1024 x 768.


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