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ShopFileR 2.1

Organize the e-data in your workshop!

Organize Web Links -

  • Easily collect and manage an almost unlimited number of web links, complete with category, description, date, and more. Your favorites are displayed on ShopFileR’s Front Page.
  • To save a link, just browse to a web page and double click on the ShopFileR icon in your Window’s system tray to grab the link and description.
  • Complete web pages, including  pictures, can easily be saved to ShopFileR’s folders for instant recall even if the web page later changes or disappears or you are offline.
  • Your web links and the entire ShopFileR database can be moved easily to other computers.

Keep track of Tools -

  • A complete tool inventory, including cost and value, serial number, purchase information, pictures, pdf manuals, links, notes, and much more. This is a must for insurance purposes. ShopFileR makes it easy to set up and keep current.
  • Tool Inventory report can include photographs and can be printed to a PDF file or your printer for safe keeping.
  • Your list of tools can be sorted by Category, Description, Manufacturer, Purchase Date, etc.  ...and if you really want to know... total purchase and value can be optionally displayed.

Manage Projects -

  • Build complete project logs including materials list, construction and finishing notes, links to supplies, pictures, plans, time tracking, and much more.
  • Keep track of what you did and how you did it. Its quick and easy!

Organize information -

  • Keep notes on anything. Create a contact database, shopping lists, to  do lists, and more.
  • Display and update your Google Calendar from ShopFileR
  • Using your microphone, make voice recordings and store these voice notes with your individual projects, tools, or notes for easy playback in ShopFileR. 
  • and much more!

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